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Holly Joy : Okay, yeah and then so compatibility chart would be like say bring someone new into your life. Holly Joy : Yes. Stormie Grace : Yeah. Holly Joy : And, so when you give these types of readings what is it that a client needs to provide?


Holly Joy : Okay. Holly Joy : Thank you. Stormie Grace : Absolutely. Holly Joy : So, I know that on social media you write regularly and you have large archive of informative content. Holly Joy : Anyway, a series of Youtube videos on your Stormie Grace channel and those as well posted on Facebook with some other things. Stormie Grace : Yeah, absolutely. The number one thing that I wanted to do when I finally really found my feed in social media was to create a space where there was stable content, where anybody, any faze of their development with astrology could come in and just get the information who literally, I started my series from the ground up- what are your Sun signs.

What are the houses, what they mean, what are the planets, what are the elements, what are the qualities who you literally are getting an entire astrology lesson for free.


Like this is the longest report ever. You know what I mean? Holly Joy : Yeah. Shes a no for me. Apr 9, 7. I'm a Taurus and other horoscopes have said someone from past returning but, I don't see that happening. In regards to offers that would be nice, we'll have to see.

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Apr 9, 8. I looked at Libra and Scorpio and she basically said the same thing. And "he" or her "guides" are scary and most likely fake.

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  8. Apr 9, 9. Apr 9, What about Tyler's Tarot? He's a little over the top but he was on point for taurus and libra. I checked both cuz my ascendant is in libra. Apr 10, I've run across 2 that were pretty accurate, but I don't listen regularly. Also, they are both random with their uploads. Like they'll upload 2 signs, then disappear, then upload another in a week, then come back and apologize because they had a cold or something, etc. But from what I've heard from them, they were quite accurate. FYI, their readings are quite long. Turquoise Tarot Archangel Guidance.

    Apr 11, Channeled Guidance Tarot www. By Astrology Hub. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio is streamed directly from their servers. We've fallen in love with Stormie's vibrant energy we know you will, too!!! Welcome to Player FM! Take it with you.


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