Cancer weekly tarot march 4 2020

Love becomes the real deal when Venus flits into your 3rd house on the 20th. This would also be a lovely day to take that special someone home for the holidays to meet the family.

Another cash flow upgrade is possible after the Sun begins warming up your 2nd house on the 21st. The weeks ahead bring gifts of money and new career opportunities, setting the stage for a lucrative The solar eclipse on the 26th brings important news about your financial situation. Something big is happening around that day, and it could propel you to baller status. Plan an end of the year tour to watch the ball drop around December 28th when Mercury edges into your 2nd house. Might as well live a bit large as you ring in the next year.

Capricorn: A bevy of planets are sitting in your sign this month, soon to be joined by others, dear Capricorn. This puts a lot of cosmic energy at your fingertips — giving you the possibility to transform your life in surprising ways. Venus, Saturn, and Pluto allow your best foot to come forward as December arrives. You can command the room and get the accolades you so richly deserve.

Jupiter is in your sign beginning on the 2nd. This gives you a golden glow for the upcoming year — you can manifest your best life! Focus on what you want and know that the cosmos is on your side like never before! Secrets make their way to you beginning on the 9th when Mercury hangs out in your 12th house.

Keep that under your hat.

It may come in handy later. The Full Moon on the 12th brings the completion to a work project. This is one that may have taken a lot of effort. The Jupiter Uranus trine on the 15th brings unexpected luck in love. Something may happen that day that surprises you in a good way. Cash becomes king when Venus enters your 2nd house on the 20th. Luxury gifts, a raise, and a potential windfall — all of these could become a reality in the weeks of this Venus transit.

When the Sun is in your sign beginning on the 21st, the spotlight shifts in your direction.


You may receive recognition at that time. People are also drawn to your warmth, which might mean more folks are surrounding you during the holidays. The solar eclipse on the 26th could be the right day for a total makeover. Then, reveal the new you at the end of the year. Mercury will be in your sign at that time, making it the perfect time for you to share your new you and any good news that you may be keeping on the down-low. Act like you know! Fortunately, Jupiter is heading straight into your 12th house on the 2nd, where it will help you do the inner work around your boundaries. When arrives, the very best version of you will be ready to slay!

Expect your cell to blow up when Mercury heads into your 11th house on the 9th. Your pals may have some juicy gossip to share. The tea is going to be spilled! The 12th puts the Full Moon in your 5th house, and with it comes a change in your romantic status. A relationship may end — or evolve into something new. Partnered Aquariuses may want a time out.

Your December 12222 Monthly Horoscope

Breathing room could give a fresh perspective. Make your home into a healing sanctuary when Jupiter trines Uranus on the 15th. Stock up on crystals, candles, and anything that makes you feel groovy. A meditation room could be the ideal recharging zone for those days when you need to regroup.

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Make it happen! Venus will be in your sign on the 20th, giving you that glam factor. Is it that new deodorant?

The Month Ahead for Cancer

Or just you being your awesome, gorgeous self? Maybe both. It feels good to be hot! After weeks of massive social butterfly action, you want to the cocoon. Carve out as much time as you need to be alone. Slip out the door when things get too boisterous and head to your meditation cave. This will help you to keep that precious balance as the festivities roar on. The solar eclipse on the 26th could bring a major mental breakthrough. A new way of thinking is beginning to emerge.

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All that old crud is being shed, making way for the best version of you. Mercury in your 12th on the 28th helps you to find the words to talk it out — and clear the air once and for all. There is no better time to get your inner work on then now. The Sun is putting the limelight squarely on you, so now is the time to collect the accolades for all your hard work. Your rise to the top is inevitable! Expect kudos and applause for most of December.

Your December Monthly Horoscope

Your social calendar is hectic, with plenty of invitations to winter soirees. Jupiter will be in your 11th house beginning on the 2nd, expanding your circle of friends most delightfully in the upcoming year. Interesting new people will enter your life, and some friendships could deepen as well.

Express your ideas at work when Mercury glides into your 10th house on the 9th. The Full Moon on the 12th is an ideal day for housekeeping. If your house has been a disaster, let this be the day you get some order happening. The 15th is a beautiful day for a short trip or a party.

Jupiter will be in a trine with Uranus that day, making it most excellent for any activities with your posse. Romance goes undercover when Venus heads into your 12th house on the 20th. Clandestine hookups with new partners or quiet nights in front of the fire with a special someone keep your December warm. While Netflix and chill may seem appealing, do note that the Sun will be in your 11th house on the 21st, making it impossible to skip all those holiday gatherings.

Everyone wants you at their party, so some of that home-brewed sexy time will have to wait or be squeezed in whenever your busy social calendar permits. The solar eclipse on the 26th brings an exciting change in your social circle. New friends?

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Friends with benefits? A swank party with shot-callers?