Alexandra tarot scorpio february 2020

Where are you headed? You are playing the long game, because that is what life is. So figure out ways to keep your creativity sparked, your desire satiated, and your dreams sustainable. Suggested spell ingredients : fluorite, amethyst, a vision board, some new art to look at, a spell to summon the energy for new goals, and a dedicated spiritual practice.

Happy Full Moon, Sag! This is a Full Moon that is particularly supportive of you making time to commune with others. With your people. For some of you, this will be through work: remember to infuse your time with joy, laughter, and levity. For some of you, this will be socially: even if you may be tired, show up for others.

Even if you may be feeling shy: reach out. A major theme for you around the rest of the year could be around community.

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About prioritizing relationships, specifically those that enhance your creativity, those that enhance your work. Being only with people who see you. Choosing only people who celebrate your wins as if they are their own. The 4 of Wands is often about inclusivity; about letting everyone in; about celebrating differences. We can also take this into your interior life, your creative life, and your inner dialogues. By making a point to actively love all the parts of you, more space shows up in your garden. I am here for you. Suggested spell ingredients : flowers the more the merrier , phone calls that lead to meet ups, intentional love beam heart meditations, cinnabar, green opal, reishi mushroom tinctures, and a really fabulous evening out with new and old friends: maybe a group moonlit hike under a Full Moon.

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There are Full Moons that are motivating and Full Moons that are draining. Full Moons where nothing much happens, and Full Moons that are completely infused with healing potential. This Full Moon, for you, is the later. This is Full Moon that could feel as though you are turning an emotional corner. You are feeling more hopeful because you are finally prioritizing your emotional and spiritual needs as never before. There is a tiny shift every time you affirm that you are safe to feel your feelings. Tiny movements happen every time you identify and assert your needs, your very softest ones; the ones that feel like peach fuzz gently brushing your cheek.

When you make those needs as important as taking a shower or responding to an important email, when you begin to restructure your life more and more about what you know the most hopeful, the most innocent, the most vulnerable parts of you needs to feel fulfilled—this is how you float down the rapids into a turquoise colored, serene beach. Suggested spell ingredients : Violets, playlists about self-love, rainbow cactus tincture, lepidolite, rosehip tea, a new pair of very soft, satin or cotton sheets, and honest, loving talks with your inner child, or yourself, or those you need to be most vulnerable around.

The Lovers card is an easy card to interpret, because all interpretations point back to love: platonic, romantic; the experience of love, the longing for it, how we express it. The love of art, music, food, the earth, deities, your postal worker, clouds. What we love, and what we value, and what concessions and choices we must make in the service of maintaining those necessary ties to love. Sometimes cards come up to remind you. That this energy still exists, even if it appears to be hiding. The efforts were not in vain. To remind you to remember that love is what got you here.

And love is what will keep you going. Love on a deeper level, love on multiple planes.

There could have been some falling-out of love—with life, or with the thing you thought would grant you a life full of love. This Full Moon is calling you back into the work of love. One way to get motivated to come back to love is through choice. Choose to surround yourself with an abundance of experiences that remind you of what you love, and how very loved you are.

Part of welcoming love includes being vulnerable enough to receive it. Suggested spell ingredients : orchids, rose quartz, sex spells, self massage with coconut oil, an evening watching epic love stories and romantic comedies think: Beaches, Moonlight, Romeo and Juliet, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance , Hawthorne berry tincture, and red and pink candles.

Please consider your dreams, your wishes, your desires as incredibly valid and incredibly likely to happen in this lifetime. This is your Full Moon. It is in your sign. It is also the Harvest Moon.

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Harvest your dreams by making yourself so irresistible to them that they have no choice but to enter your world. Make yourself utterly irresistible to yourself. Make yourself your dream lover. Write love lovers to your future self. Reconstruct and enact how you regard yourself, how you spoil yourself, and what you expect. Your spirit has actually been incarnated and spent time in the spirit realm and underworld for thousands of years, if not longer.

Libra Page of Swords You want to know what exactly to do, and you want to know now! Scorpio 2 of Wands Alexander the Great supposedly wept when he found out he had conquered the entire known world. Expand your vision to reignite. Aquarius The Lovers The Lovers card is an easy card to interpret, because all interpretations point back to love: platonic, romantic; the experience of love, the longing for it, how we express it. Its public appearance right around the time of the mean conjunction in reinforces this notion. But power rarely lets go, and obsolete patterns of organization and control are rarely replaced until their dysfunction becomes painfully obvious.


We live in a time where we are surrounded by a great number of decaying and undead cultural structures, ranging from the dominant paradigm of scientism to the workings of the global financial system. The small swath of years that we are in is lined with the breakdown of worn-out systems.

In some cases, such as the paradigmatic, the widening cracks allow a great deal more truth to get in. The breakdown of world-views is a liberation for those trapped inside it, but is a crisis for those whom it provided security for. The broken financial system is, however, good for only an extreme few. It is not yet the future, but the weird stretch of road we must travel to get there.

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With the macro-context of the changing Elemental Eras established, let us turn our thoughts to the smaller-scale cycles which comment meaningfully on Uranus is approximately three times slower than Saturn, and spends roughly 7 years in a sign. Uranus was in fiery Aries from early until May of Shortly after the ingress into Aries in , Fukushima occurred and a spate of revolutions and protest movements erupted which would come to characterize the ensuing years. In Mars-ruled Aries, Uranus not only brought belligerent resistance and revolution, but also the next wave of military technology, the era of drone warfare.

Uranus entered Taurus in May , but feeling tentative, returned to Aries in November of the same year. Uranus re-enters Taurus, this time until , on March 6 th , This will no doubt include the ongoing cryptocurrency drama, 3-D printing technology, artificial intelligence, and the integration of digital systems with physical objects. Historically, Uranus in Taurus has also overseen big shifts in the way that food is produced and processed.

This is, in fact, one of the chief incongruencies between the planet Uranus. Whether Uranus disrupts or upgrades, it always seeks to change. Taurus, on the other hand, is the Fixed Earth sign, meaning it thrives on stability and regularity, moreso than any other. Some of the inevitable changes will be repressed, as denizens of the pasture try to contain or minimize disruptions.

This strategy is unlikely to work, as not only does it delay the inevitable, it often worsens it. When the tension between tectonic plates is dispersed regularly through small quakes, there is a minimum of destruction. It is when that tension cannot be released that a big quake builds up. There is a lesson here for handling Uranus in Taurus, especially for those born to the Bull. Taurus is a Venus-ruled sign, and thus concerned with the arts.

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The ingress of slow-moving planets into a new sign is often accompanied by dramatic worldly events. It is thus worth keeping an eye on March when Uranus again ingresses into Taurus, the month, interestingly enough, when the UK is currently scheduled to break with the EU. Uranus will be in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn until , when all three change signs. There is a rare synchronization between their cycles in — they all change in the same year, a most unusual thing.