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You need time early in the day to clarify, focus and settle into a directed path of action. Instead of getting resentful, claim the same freedom for yourself. You have more leeway than you've allowed yourself to think. Some restrictions are only self-imposed. You get involved in projects then become distracted.

Pisces Personality: February 19 - March 20

You must resolve to follow through on what you commit to or else don't commit at all. You're basically feeling unappreciated or unwanted. You're apt to do things you know are disapproved of and you're quick to come up with excuses and rationalizations.

Your public image can become controversial, so be prepared to be both honest and congenial. You should look for significant events that show a trend or provide the basis for new research.

Astrology & Animals: Understanding Your Pet's Personality | Astrology Answers

If you feel the urge to spend, at least get enough control of it to get what you really need and make sure it is of lasting quality. The impulse to buy can be transformed into the resolve to save. EST : Sun Where are they now? Even when talented, they may not respect their gifts. Many Pisces women are self-conscious and need a stronger individual to bring out their best qualities. Pisces children are dreamers. At times they may seem caught up in their illusions and unable to tell reality from fantasy. These little ones should be allowed to explore the limitless boundaries of imagination without fear of ridicule.

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Playing games of imagination allows Pisces children to safely explore their creativity. Pisces men and women have an idealistic view of love and romance. Because of their sensitivity, they often prefer a fairy tale scenario to the real thing. Pisces know their vulnerabilities and are sometimes afraid the magic "bubble" will burst.

The Piscean individual who is deeply in love may sacrifice themselves for their lover.

Friendship comes naturally to Pisceans. Their commitment to easing the pain of others often draws them to less fortunate individuals. But pity is not involved.

Sabian Symbol

Although they may seem weak or unfocused, they are sympathetic listeners. They have strong links to the past and are likely to keep the same friends for years. Also, because of their intense family ties, Pisces natives may count a sibling or other relative among their closest friends.

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